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  • I’m a freelancer but I don’t know how to find good quality clients
  • My job is really toxic with low pay, terrible boss. I’d love to have a side gig
  • I’m convinced that I want a systematic approach to Freelancing but don't know how to get started
  • I would love to have the freedom to work from anywhere, without compromising on my income
  • I’m tired of working with people who’re low paying but don’t have a choice
  • I’m scared that my client will end working with me if I raise my price

If you answered Yes to ANY of the points above, I invite you to check out my Become A Digipreneur course.

Look at the kind of results course participants have been getting!


Such a value-packed and action-oriented week this has been. Really gave me the entire framework on how to be a successful digital marketer in 2021! 


I took up this course and i am really glad i did! This course helped me gain a lot of insightful knowledge regarding funnel strategy, creating profitable Facebook ad campaigns ,and client onboarding tactics. I was clueless before taking this course and now i feel more confident to take a step ahead towards my freelancing journey.


From basic to running a successful and profitable ad campaign on Facebook and YouTube, Mintu teaches the important things in a span of one week.

He personally cleared my doubts and shared his opinion in ad strategies, which I needed help.

Still wondering if this course is for you?

This pandemic had made us overthinkers, anxious and even nervous “but instead why not get better at freelancing? Or build a side hustle or have a back up career?  This course is for everyone who has got the motivation and dedication to invest 1-2 hours a day for the next 7 days. Does not matter if you are a BPO employee, out of work, retired, a homemaker or an entrepreneur. 

  • Freelancers
  • Aspiring Freelancers
  • Call Center Employees
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Software Professionals
  • Sales Professionals
  •  Students
  • Government Employees
  • At-Home Moms

Learn The 'In Hot Demand' Digital Marketing Skills 

Stop Wasting Your Time on Learning Digital Marketing Skills That Takes You Nowhere!

This 7-Modules COURSE  will take you step-by-step, towards becoming a sought-after marketing professional. You learn how to utilise the power of Facebook Ads and Youtube Ads to land premium international clients.

Whether you’re looking to create a side hustle (which could very well exceed what you're making currently, just in a few months) OR you’re looking to create a thriving career in digital marketing, this course is for you.

Introducing "Become A Digipreneur"

Learn marketing skills that are ‘sizzling in-demand’ monetisation + finding clients + keeping them happy

What good is learning Digital Marketing skills if you cannot monetise it? What good does it do to you when you put in weeks and months to learn rather basic things from YouTube or Free Courses with tons of upsells?

It might introduce you to some basic concepts, definitions of a few things and a few platforms. Not only that knowledge is not monetizable but also leaves you confused and clueless about your next step! 

Learning Digital Marketing is experiential. I do not want to  give you a 30 video course . Rather, I'll teach you a winning freelancer mindset, highly rewarding marketing skills, how to monetize it, how to land clients and then retain them by getting results for them.


Whether you're a complete beginner or you have been freelancing for a while, this course will help you create roadmap to become a highly rewarding marketing freelancer in Just 7 days.

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This course is designed to equip you with marketing skills that are in high demand. I don't just want you to attend the course and receive your certificate, I rather want you to have your rewarding Freelancing Roadmap by Day 7.

MODULE 1 - Busting The Myths of Digital Marketing

This module will lay a strong foundation of your career by busting the myths of Digital Marketing that make it unnecessarily complicated and challenging and give you a fair and simple understanding of the same.

MODULE 2 - How to Create a Magnetic Sales Funnel

Learn how to create a perfect marketing strategy AKA sales funnel. This will set you apart from a majority of freelancers who have no idea of what “strategising” is! You'll learn the science behind a marketing strategy.

MODULE 3 - How to Craft A Killer Offer

No matter how good an ad is, if the offer is not good, it wouldn't work. No amount of selling can sell a bad offer! If you can not fix an offer for your client, nothing else matters.

MODULE 4 - 6 Elements Of A Winning Facebook Campaign

Facebook is still the most popular and versatile platform for paid ads and hence one of the highest paid marketing skills. Learn the 6 core elements of a Facebook Ad Campaign .

MODULE 5 - How to succeed with YouTube ads

It does not hurt to have choices, learn how to leverage YouTube which is fast emerging as an alternative to facebook ads.

MODULE 6 - What Makes A High Converting Landing Page

Imagine you do the hard work and get traffic to a landing page only to find that it doesn't convert! Learn about the 5 elements that every converting landing page must have.

MODULE 7 - 4 Advanced Strategies to Land High Paying Freelancing Clients

Alright, now you have the skills that makes freelancing highly rewarding. How do you leverage these skills to get genuine and premium Freelancing clients? You'll learn 4 advanced strategies that will ensure you get more discovery calls and get the prospects to say "Heck Yes"!

Sign Up Now & Get Bonuses Worth Rs. 15,994


BONUS: Live Weekend Workshop (Value - Rs. 1999)

You will join a live interactive Weekend Workshop with me. This will give you an opportunity to clarify your doubts and get insights about various topics in marketing and freelancing.


BONUS: Worksheet and Templates (Value - Rs. 1999)

These worksheets and templates will serve as a formulae while you learn , and as a go to resource when you are working with clients .


BONUS 3: Copy and Paste Formula to Create Killer Video Ad (Value - Rs. 3999)

A Step-by-step formula to create killer video ads. This is the same format we use to create video ads for youtube that generates 7x ROAS. Use this same formula to help your clients with their video scripting and charge them more for this.


BONUS 4: Walkthrough of How to Plan & Create Facebook and YouTube Ad (Rs. 3999)

I share my screen and walk you through on how I plan one of my clients real campaign and implement it. I take you through the entire process step by step. Just copy and paste this formula when you work on a client campaign.


BONUS 5: Private Facebook Group and Support (Value - Rs. 999)

You'll be a part of the Facebook group where you will get support and feedback from Mintu and the MarketingLab team. Have a client campaign that's not working or just need some guidance on how to implement? Come over to the group!


BONUS 6: Walkthrough of How to Plan & Create Facebook and YouTube Ad (Rs. 2999)

I share my screen and walk you through on how I plan one of my clients real campaign and implement it. I take you through the entire process step by step. Just copy and paste this formula when you work on a client campaign.

Register and Unlock Bonuses Worth Rs. 15994


You missed out!

Live Monthly Workshop With Intensive Q&A

You will join me for a live interactive Workshop. This will give you an opportunity to clarify your doubts and get insights about various topics in marketing and freelancing.

This is your one-stop for honing skills that are sought after in the industry and learning tried and tested strategies that will enable you to land premium clients from across the globe. This workshop will truly give you some serious breakthrough that you’re looking for.

How to Get Your First or Next Freelancing Client

The Freelancing Money Mindset Every Freelancer Needs

Replay of A Real Sales Call That Generated 2 High Ticket Clients

Extensive Live Q&A

Don't Just Learn Random Things, But Ace The Skills That Helps You Build A Life You've Always Wanted!

This is a big claim, but I stand behind every word of it. Because unlike other courses out there, my idea is not to acquaint you with Digital Marketing terms or teach you things that cannot be monetised!

How the industry works is pretty simple. Freelancers are paid for the problems you solve for the business. The bigger problem you solve, the more rewarding freelancing will turn out to be.

"Become a Digipreneur" teaches you how to solve bigger problems for businesses and become a sought-after freelancer.

Skills such as how to create a sales funnel, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, How to Build a Killer Offer and Get a System To Land High Paying Clients? With these skills, you make money for your client’s business and in turn, they do not hesitate you to reward you well.

Here’s how students are benefiting from this course

Sanket Parab

Social Media Manager

The course gives you a detailed overview of the industry and makes you aware of the points which are blindsided even after working for years in this industry. The more efforts you put in this course the more you'll get out of YOURSELF!

Investing in this course is a no-brainer.

Jatin Madaan


Really a great course for learning basics to expert level advertising. I have learned a lot from it. It is a short and on point course, filled with practical examples and techniques. Mr. Mintu cleared all my doubts and helped me with the best strategy.

Durdana Parveen

Copywriting Freelancer

My experience has been amazing. I've joined this course with clear expectations as to how can I market my content and so far it's amazing!!

Bishu Sharma

Customer Support


This is the best course if you want to learn digital marketing from depth. It gives you so much information about what digital marketing is. Very good trainer even support is also awesome. I would recommend you take this course if you want to know in and out of digital marketing. 

Indresh Pratap 



It is the best course for digital marketing. I think who is searching for digital marketing course on different types of sources like YouTube and watching many videos but can't find the best way to learn and apply the learning. Take advantage of the course and learn the skills. 

Arjun Mahajan


I know this person very well. His extraordinary vision and preciousness are the key factors that make you learn from him. I am fortunate to have learnt from him. Highly recommend this course.

Your Instructor

Mintu Jha

I have been in the digital marketing industry for over 5 years, worked with over 250 brands internationally, and spent over $8,00,000 on behalf of my clients on marketing and advertising campaigns. 

I went from quitting my well-paying full time job and soon reached $10k/month income. 

Nothing gives me more joy than being of service to people and helping them live a life where they don't just have financial freedom, but the freedom to be their own boss. I'm on a mission to help people create a “Digital Lifestyle”. A lifestyle based on Skill, Money, and Independence and share everything that worked for me.

BECOME A Digipreneur

Create Your Roadmap For A Rewarding Freelancing Career

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s clarify all your doubts! Nothing should come in the way of you and your highly profitable freelancing career.

Will I receive a certification after completing the course?

Yes, you will receive a certification after completing the course and assignments.

What is the refund policy?

There is no refund applicable because this course WILL get you results as long as you will put in the work.

How much time it will take to learn this Course?

This is a 7 video course so if you put in an hour a day, you should be done with it in 7 days.

Will both theory and Practical Training available for this Course?

Yes, this course includes practical campaigns as well. You will learn how to create a YouTube and Facebook ads successfully.

What Type of Questions Can I ask in the monthly calls?

You can ask any marketing or career related questions in the monthly calls.

How is this course helpful for Aspiring Freelancers?

This course will help you to focus on the skills that’s in demand and hence you will have a plan to become a 6 figure freelancer.

Are you hungry to change and live a life of freedom?

This course is for action takers ONLY. If you’re someone who’s looking to take action and committed to making a change in your live, this course is for you.

Blaming the government, the economy or the current situation isn’t going to do any good to you. I have given my 100% in this course and I expect nothing less from you. Let’s build your roadmap to a 6-Figure freelancing together.

Mintu Jha

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