A Step-By-Step System to Learn Highly Paid Freelancing Skill and Get Client Within 3 Months...Guaranteed!

3 Months Live Program that helps you build the most lethal skill in freelancing: winning clients and delivering results to them.

This is not a course. Finally! A LIVE 3-Month Program To Help You Get Clients - In Burst Mode (Within 3 Months Or Less) - GUARANTEED. 

Even If You’re Starting From Scratch

So you don’t have to worry ‘where will your next client come from?’. 

Over the next 3 months, start winning clients in burst mode 

even if you have No Skills and No Idea on What to Sell

Listen, most of freelancers fall into one of these 3 category,which makes them think that freelancing is tough

  • They don’t know how to find prospects
  • They don’t know how to deliver results
  • They don’t know even what services to offer so clients can pay their worth

An exclusive training to hone & fuel you with everything you need to win clients. We don’t give you dozen’s of video recording and leave you on your own. Rather, you get on live calls with Mintu and his team every week and we handhold you every step of the way. 

This is not a course. It’s a real deal in the real world. 

Why you don’t need a course?

Getting a client who is ‘genuine + pays well + respects your services’ is NOT a dream. We’ve seen many complain about not being able to find their dream clients. Often, many say that they drop their prices to peanut crumbs to win a client.

Ultimately, it doesn’t justify all your hard work. It does nothing good for your bank account.

And a course with bullet-points will not address this. What you need is high-impact training. 

This program is designed for high-achieving freelancers & entrepreneurs who want a reliable & dependable method to gain client-after-client. It’s aimed to slash & thrash the worry of how to get quality clients into your kitty. A proven training program that leaves no stone unturned... to a point that you wake up to an inbox full of client requests!

The Client Hunt Mastery

In The Client Hunt Mastery, you will learn to

suck in high-paying clients like a magnetic vacuum. Repeatedly.

confidently grow in your career

get the freedom to choose your clients once they start pouring in.

bump up your earnings in an unlimited fashion

not having to drop your prices to peanuts. But, instead welcoming premium earnings

OWN your freelancing career & time

have a reliable  & dependable system at your fingertips - that works life-long. So you don’t have to suffer with the anxiety of searching clients

Here’s exactly how The Client Hunt Mastery works in getting clients like wild-fire

#Step 1 Mastering in-Demand Skills - to turn them into money

“Having a skill with no takers & payers (aka clients) for it, is like murdering the skill.”

You will enter a turbocharged training to unlock your skills, dreams, meet your goals, and solution-drawing strategies... in a manner that can turn strangers into clients. And what kind of clients? Clients that pay well because they need your skills to grow themselves. 

This training will be DIRECT - week after week. It’s almost like having Mintu Jha in your pocket.

#Step 2 Soft Skills & Sales Skills Apprenticeship - to turn them into assets

“In this fiercely competitive world, you need to know how to sell!”

Soft skills & sales skills geared towards selling are the only things that will stay with you life-long. These are assets! 

You will learn how to make it irresistible for clients to refuse you - even if you’ve no experience. You will learn to thrash their objections. Master how to create an opportunity for yourself in the gloomy clouds of ‘no experience’ and create a tempting, strong profile. By mastering these skills, you can win clients today or even after 10 years.

#Step 3 Client Acquisition Mastery - so you can fish life-long

“Fish for your kid, he will eat the fish. But show him how to fish, and he can eat life-long - even if you’re not around.”

By the end of month 2, you’re already talking to clients. You’re generating quality leads, appointments and meetings almost daily. You’ve mastered Facebook lead generation strategies, conversion communication, LinkedIn optimisation and more.

You will also learn how NOT to commit the trial-&-error mistakes committed by millions. And what inactions or actions work like an anchor or catalyst in your career growth.

#Step 4 Closer Camp - Real-time closing of clients

“Clients don’t buy your service. They buy your solutions - so ‘they’ can grow.”

Helping you close your clients - in real time - with advanced sales strategies. No role-plays recordings. 

Most people make the big mistake of thinking that sales is only for salesmen. Wrong- that’s utter B.S. Even the way you perform a call with the HR head for the job of a writer involves ‘closing’ like a closer.  
Price negotiations, establishing trust, chalking out scope of work - every human worthy of a skill needs to go through it. Not just a salesperson.
#Step 5 Freedom to choose your clients

“It’s only when you have a downpour of clients, can you choose whom you want to work with”

Finally, you’re at a point when you don’t’ ‘have to’ work with a client if it doesn’t meet your goals. You’ve created a reliable & dependable system to get a downpour of clients. So, you can have the freedom to work with only the ones you choose.

This is EXACTLY for you if the below sounds strangely true

  • Are stuck on how to get clients: one after the other. You are struggling to make it a continuous process
  • Are fed up of dropping prices to win clients. You don’t like peanuts for money!
  • Are still agonizing about finding clients - let alone premium clients.
  • The fear of not delivering results to your client - after client acquisition. What happens if your clients are not happy with your work?
  • You lack the confidence to bring up ‘fee’ matters. You give the stronger hold to the opposite person

we’ve had so many people say YES to The Client Hunt Mastery

  • Freelancers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Service Providers
  • Side-hustlers
  • Graduates
  • Social Media Ninjas
  • Bloggers
  • Professionals tired of their 9-to-5 

Ultimately, you want

clients that pay you well. Repeatedly.
clients that stay with you & respect your services
clients that make you feel proud about your career

Now, Imagine this

  • Imagine waking up to see that your email inbox is full of client requests - more than you can handle.
  • Imagine just ONE client/ per month who pays the cost of 3 months of your expenses.
  • Imagine no more peanuts for money. Not having to drop prices to win clients.
  • Imagine only 1 client who pays you Rs. 40k every month. That’s 4.8 lakhs in a year. That too, just from 1 client. 

4 such clients will give you Rs. 19.2 lacs in just 1 year. 


Bonus 1

3 Months Support After the Program so You get help with the campaigns - 22500 Value

Bonus 2

6 Months WhatsApp group for direct access to Mintu - Rs. 12000 Value

Bonus 3

Access to Our Entire Client Acquisition System - Rs. 45000 Value

Bonus 4

1 Hour one-on-one with Mintu to Develop Your Personal Roadmap - Rs. 10000 Value

Bonus 5

Framework on How to go from $0 to $5k/month - Rs. 10,000 Value

The Client Hunt Mastery

Bonus #1
Access To Training Vault - Rs. 35,000

Bonus #2
A Customised 90 Days Roadmap to 6 Figure Freelancing - Rs. 10,000
Bonus #3
Live Training & Coaching Sessions Twice A Week - Rs. 45,000

Bonus #4 
3 Months Support After the Program so You get help with the campaigns - Rs. 22,500

Bonus #5
6 Months WhatsApp group for direct access to Mintu - Rs. 12000 Value

Bonus #6
Access to Our Entire Client Acquisition System - Rs. 45000 Value

Bonus #7
1 Hour one-on-one with Mintu - Rs. 10000 Value

Bonus #8
Framework on How to go from $0 to $5k/month - Rs. 10,000 Value

Bonus #9
Real Time Sales Conversation Role Play - Rs. 10,000 Value

Total Value:
Rs. 1,99,500

Sign up today for only ₹35000

Click the button above to pay the deposit. If your application gets through, we will contact you for the rest of the payment.

If your application gets rejected, we will refund this 5,000.

All this, with a 100% GUARANTEE to win clients in 3 months or less!

This LIVE program makes it ridiculously easy for you to win clients - before 3 months. The frameworks are NOT developed overnight. They are tried and tested over a period of several years. 

Listen, I’m not a guru who did freelancing several years back, achieved some success and them thought of teaching my skill to people and quit freelancing as it’s hard. 

I still run my marketing agency and generate amazing results for the clients we work with. We work with businesses of all kinds - from start up to businesses generating 7 figures a month.

We are so confident that you too will gain real results. The beauty of this program is that it's PROVEN to bring a downpour of clients - even if you’re just starting out.

We guarantee you result. If you put in the work, there’s absolutely no way you will not have a client in 3 months. However if you see yourself still struggling after 3 months, it goes one step further → I will send a client referral to you.

There’s a condition though. NO ACTION from you is NOT ALLOWED…

This is not a course. It’s a high-intensity program which delivers high-impact results life-long. The kind where you need to push, push & push! 

You will be expected to take action. You will be accountable.

Do expect moving out of your comfort zone. And with it, do expect a downpour of high-quality clients in your palm! 


An UNBEATABLE guarantee: Try The Client Hunt Mastery, 100% risk-free. The Client Hunt Mastery is packed with practical stuff that works as long as there's commitment from your side.

Once you join the program, you have 7 days to let it digest and experience and make sure this is really working for you. 

If you have gone through the materials in the first 7 days and you see this as something that doesn't fit your needs, simply email info@marketinglab.in and we will issue a full refund. That confident we are in this material!

Accepting only 25 Slots!

This is a super exclusive training program for high-achieving freelancers & business owners. Every quarter has only 25 slots. A pre-requisite qualification round is conducted to see if we’re meant to work together to fire up clients for you. Once you qualify, can you take this program.

Meet Mintu Jha - your mentor

Hi, I’m Mintu Jha!

I’ve been in the digital marketing industry for over 5 years, worked with over 250 brands internationally, and spent over $1,000,000 on behalf of my clients for marketing and advertising campaigns. 

But why should you care? You shouldn’t. 

What should matter to you is what I am going to equip you with. I’m not here to only teach you the most profitable skills, but how you can develop a system to receive a downpour of clients - no matter which field you come from.

I’m someone who has gone from quitting a well-paying full time job to reach $10k/month income.

Nothing gives me more joy than being of service to people. Helping them live a life where they not only have financial freedom, but the freedom to be their own boss. Some people tell me that it looks as if I’m on a mission to help people create a “Digital Lifestyle”. A lifestyle based on Skill, Money, and Independence and share everything that worked for me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mintu Jha & why should I learn from his bestselling program to win clients for myself?

Mintu Jha (Co-Founder of Marketing Lab) is a digital marketer who has worked with over 100+ brands globally. Helping them scale from scratch to lakhs.

He has won 100+ clients for himself by testing multiple strategies time & again…. to figure out that only some work in the real world.

Unlike a fixed job, there’s no ‘fixed limit’ on how much you can earn monthly with client-winning skills. He’s here to show you EXACTLY this. Proven strategies that work on-ground to absorb your inbox with clients, leads and appointments.

How does the guarantee work?

If you take action starting week #1 and diligently follow the framework, winning clients within 3 months or less will not be difficult. 

If you see yourself still struggling after 3 months, we won’t leave you in the desert after the program duration. We will personally deep-dive to ensure you are following the framework. It goes one step further → expect referrals dropped right into your lap. 

When will the guarantee not work?

1. If you miss more than 2 calls in a week.

2. If you don’t take action on given pointers, modules, assignments.

When does this program start, as I don’t want to miss it?

Please fill your application at the earliest so you don’t miss it. Only 25 slots are open...as you read this.

Why is The Client Hunt Mastery with a GUARANTEE - not a mere course?

This is a 3-month highly intensive program. It comprises proven strategies, techniques, and distilled formulas. So, you don’t have to waste your time & money by undergoing trial-and-errors. You simply have to follow the framework. It’s proven again & again. 

 Competitors call us crazy, because we’ve invested so much of our learnings, team and money into this. This is because we love everyone to get access to proven upscaling strategies & grow in their career!

 You will be expected to take action. Unlike a one-way course, you will be accountable. Do expect moving out of your comfort zone.

And with it, do expect a downpour of high-quality clients in your palm!

How is this program held?

Directly! 1-on-1 for 3 months. 

There will be 2 high-flaming live calls per week followed by intense assignments, frameworks and practice sessions.

Month 1 will focus on mastering skills and turning them into money.

Month 2 will dive into turning soft-skills into assets. 

Month 3 will be all about client acquisition - more than you can handle. Yes, you will be already talking to clients. 


You are expected to put in the work. If you don’t take action, you will not be allowed to continue the program.

Will practical training be available in this course?

Yes. You will get hand-on experience on live calls.

I’m a stay-at-home mum with no previous work experience. Will this program help me?

Yes, this course explains everything from ground-zero and then walks you up the ladder. It’s absolutely fine not to have  previous knowledge in freelancing.

This course will walk you ➡ step-by-step ⬅  to own your career with quality clients. The timings of the live calls are scheduled in a way so it doesn’t interfere with any of your chores.

I plan to move out of India. Will the strategies shared in this program be applicable worldwide?

Yes, this course is applicable to you. Mintu has bagged clients across India, US, UK, Singapore for himself. He breathes advanced & renewed strategies to fit the current times. The course shares all of these strategies that can be applied to clients all over the globe.

Can we reach out if we get stuck in between our client’s project? Because most coaches don’t provide support once the program is done.

Totally, yes! You are encouraged to reach out if you’re stuck... or simply nervous with your new client’s project.

I’m a complete fresher who wants to make a successful freelancing career. Is this program for me?

Yes, it is. This course will walk you ➡ step-by-step ⬅  to gain clients. It will equip you with all that is needed to start your high-paying freelancing career.

Do I need to invest in additional softwares/ buy tools to start this training?

You will only need a laptop, decent wifi connectivity and regular English skills. We will teach you all about winning clients… even if you have no previous knowledge about it. What you truly need is - to take action.

Is there a money refund policy?

If you don’t love it in the first 7 days, we offer a money-back guarantee in the first 7 days. Show us that you’re doing all your exercises & taking required action, and we will immediately refund your money. No questions asked. You get to keep all the learning until then as our way of saying ‘thank you for trying to boost your career’. 

If you take action starting #week 1 itself, follow all steps and give it your best shot, finding clients will never be difficult.

How many hours do I need to dedicate daily to complete this training?

We recommended dedicating 1 hour per day X 5 days (Mon- Fri). At this dedicated rate, you will be able to easily complete the program. 

Do I get EMI options to pay?

Yes, you can choose to pay - in parts - through our EMI option.

I’ve more questions… where do I email you?

You can email us on info@marketinglab.in and expect a reply within 24-48 hours.