Mintu Jha

Most of you know me as a Digital Marketer, and a Trainer.

My neighbours know me as a Family Man who spends time in the park with his 3 beautiful kids. 

My friends know my spiritual side. 

My relatives always talk about how I manage long family trips in my car!

My point being, there are so many stories to every person and there are so many sides to every stories. This is the story of my life that I want people to know.

  • I grew up with 3 siblings in narrow crowded lanes and busy streets of Burra Bazar, Kolkata.
  • Life was simple, I didn’t have great dreams of future, none of my friends did.
  • My father is a teacher and my biggest hero. He taught me never to give up in life, no matter what.
  • I however decided to pursue Hotel Management as was the buzz those days that it was highly rewarding. I soon realized that it wasn’t, at least not for me. I found a job and hope again in a call center.
  • The year was 2006 and the salary was 6k. I gave it my all, excelled in training as well as achieving targets and was the top performer among 200 agents, month after month

With each passing year, I realised that it meant nothing. Certificates, mails of appreciation, some coupons and sometimes a box of chocolates.

Yearly appraisals hardly changed anything. Night Shifts was taking a toll on my health, I was always short on cash in an unfamiliar city, far from home. And before I knew, I had hit a low point in my life. Let alone getting rich, I was not even having a decent life. Giving up on life too is an option, a luxury that I could not afford anymore.

I was desperate and had to turn around things. I promised myself that I will move from earning INR 10 thousand to 1 lakhs in a month in next 1 year. I had no idea how, I struggled to believe my own promise.

I knew that I had to not just find a better job but also start a side hustle.
"Nothing really worked till I tried Digital Marketing
. I just took to it."

I was wowed by the power of Paid Ads and I just knew that this was what I wanted to do. I hoped and believed that this could help me earn upto 10-15 thousand on the side. This hope gave me enough motivation to put in 3-4 hours a day after my job.

Life being no fairy tale, nothing much changed on the earning side , but I was richer now.

After- office hours were put into learning, weekends into workshops and that lookout for both clients as well as courses. Almost the same year, I moved to an e commerce company.

This is where I learnt more about Marketing and business. About brand communications and customer relationship. I learned how data tells you stories and I used to tell them to clients. I developed an interest in consumer psychology. To be a part of successful businesses and be a part of their growth story was a joy earlier, unknown to me. It was empowering! it was great to have successful business owners thank me.

There was no going back! 

I freelanced with all sorts of clients from e commerce, educational institutions, coaches, yoga institutes, insurance companies to real estate.

Sooner than expected, I was making more freelancing income than my main job and yes, I was earning way more than 1 lakh. This is when I made a new promise to myself, that I will be earning INR 10 lakh monthly in next 3 years. This time I had a plan, I quit my job and started my agency. Within 3 years, I kept my promise to myself.

After having spent almost a decade in the industry and working with over 200 hundred brands, I feel Digital marketing is experiential and one can never stop learning. I have trained and still train with the world’s best Digital Marketers. To me, it has always been simple.

Learn, Unlearn, Repeat.

And to be honest, in this journey from 10 thousand to 10 lakh a month, I learnt that it was never about skills or exposure alone, it was about Mindset, beliefs systems, effort and perseverance.

Why am I telling you my story?

Well, one of the things that I learnt and imbibed was true marketing is always about people. It is not business to business or business to customers. It is people to people or human to Human.
It is these things we share helps us know each other better, now that you know my story .You will know what shapes my personality, what makes me patient and optimistic.

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