Re-Invent your Freelancing Career and Learn the Exact Strategies to Land Your High Ticket Client...In 3 Days

Live 3 Days Workshop To Un-Learn All the Fluff and Outdated Ways that Get you Stuck and Give Your Freelancing Career a Makeover using simple but effective strategies!

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Time: 7 PM To 8:30 PM

Total Duration: 5 Hours

Bonuses Worth ₹31,000

Who’s This Workshop For? Let’s Find Out

 Aspiring Freelancers

Get the foundation right is vital. This workshop will teach you how to start your freelancing journey the right way.

Full Time Employees

This will empower you to create an additional source of income so you're no longer underappreciated.

Existing Freelancers

If you're not making the money you desire, this workshop will be life-changing. I promise!


Be an early adopter and stop depending on the government and economy for employment.

Digital Marketers

My Fav one's probably. This workshop will teach you how to go from 0 to $5k/month and beyond.

Social Media Professionals

You know that just creating pretty graphics and captions isn't enough. This workshop will be a game changer!

Small Business Owners

This workshop will teach you how to use your skills to land more clients who happily pay your worth!

Moms/Going to be Moms

Spend your time taking care of your lil one and still have a solid income, from anywhere, working any hours.

Agency Owners

Most of the agency owners don't know how to find clients. Let's solve this together during the workshop.

Anyone looking to build a successful freelancing business or just a side hustle, create a backup career or simply get better at freelancing.

Being Clueless to Getting A Clear Roadmap

I gained a lot of insightful knowledge regarding funnel strategy, Facebook Ad Campaign and Client acquisition and onboarding. From being clueless, Now I feel more confident to take a step ahead towards my freelancing journey.

Kanika Rastogi

The Freelancing Irony

Last year, India saw a surge of 46% in the number of new freelancers. For obvious reasons, right?

People want to work for themselves, with utmost freedom and make big money. However, it does not turn out like that for everyone. People start freelancing with the fancy thought of working from a beach or mountain, sipping into their favorite mocktail.

Then they dive right into it without having a real plan. They watch hours of youtube videos, do some free courses, join some facebook group, do a ton of creepy and sleazy stuff and then they start saying “Oh, Freelancing is too competitive” “You can’t even get clients” “Digital Marketing is saturated”. 

At a time when literally every business is being forced to go online, do you really think Digital marketing is saturated? 

No, Not At All. Infact, the demand for skilled professionals is only increasing at a rapid pace.

Can You Relate to Any of Below?

You are terrified of Sales Calls?

You love helping people (but don’t know how to find clients)

You tell “Ok, I will adjust and work in your budget” on calls and regret afterwards

You wish you could land a foreign client someday but have no clue on how to make that happen

You give impractical discounts and regret it immediately.

You wish you knew a system to generate consistent flow of leads and clients.

Adding an additional $2-$5 to your income will significantly change your life for better.

You send messages and emails to people without getting no response/not favourable response.

You often hear "You have no experience. Why should I work with you" from prospects.

You hear "Your services are very expensive" during sales calls.

You are struggling to make a high ticket offer convincing enough?

Guess What? You Are Not Alone!

8 out of 10 freelancers are constantly stressed about finding clients who respect them for the work they do and pay them what they’re worth. At the end of the day, all you wish are:

A system that generates clients on-demand, not by luck

Clients Who Appreciate Your Work And Do Not Try To Manage You

Clients That Happily Pay For Your Services Without You Chasing Invoices

Clients That Are Easy To Work With and work for A Longer Time

Introducing "Reinvent Your Freelancing" Career

This 3-day workshop  will change the way you think, plan and grow your freelancing career, even if you have no skills you can monetise.

In this 3-day workshop, we will bust a lot of freelancing myths and learn the 3 things that will help you to get your first or next high paying freelancing clients.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

✔️Re-Strategize your freelancing career

✔️ Build Your Online Presence The Right Way

✔️Create a sustainable system to prospect, generate leads, package and price your services and learn to stick to the system.

✔️ Sell your services like a rockstar.

✔️ Learn a system that generates high-paying client on-demand

Now I Know How to Be A Successful Marketer

Such a value-packed and action-oriented this has been. Really gave me the entire framework on how to be a successful digital marketer in 2021!


What to expect at the end of 3 day workshop?

Learn the Successful Freelancer Mindset 

Think and act like a successful freelancer , this will allow you to re-center and realign your focus and habits like a successful Freelancer.

Find Your Niche

Finding your Niche can be confusing but It is competitive out there, you cannot be a jack of all trade.

Re- Build your brand

Branding is complex, right? I will break it down into simple questions for you . This is rather  going to be a fun thing! 

Re-Build your Strategy

Re-visit the fundamentals of your business with a new perspective and let the transformation begin.

Whom to Sell?

Identify and find your perfect client . This makes things a lot easier.

What to Sell?

Package” your services better and learn to make an offer that is hard to refuse .

Where to sell?

Identify the platforms you need to target and optimize your selling there.

How to sell?

From creating a “buying atmosphere” to “overcoming objections”, from understanding the “basics of Selling” to my personal tips. This is going to be a game-changer.

The So-Called Gurus Have Lied To You...

Want To Hear The Hard Truth?

You are probably spending a lot of time doing the wrong things in a wrong order and in a wrong mannerCreating content, writing blogs, doing podcast, creating reels and YouTube videos is just a small part of much bigger strategy that no guru teaches until you join their premium program.

Likes, comments, views and shares on Social media does not translate into clients, without a complete and thorough strategy.

You are more than likely to end up working hard without any success leading to confusion, despair and frustration.

Most freelancers are not sure of “Branding”. They think of “Sales” as something that “happens” once they fix something here and there. They start doing wrong things, including:

  • Reducing their prices to rock bottom and regretting it
  • Spamming their contacts and groups with “offers”
  • Asking friends and family for reviews, testimonies, and referrals
  • Praying and waiting for good times to come

And Then Comes Desperation, Self-Doubt And Second Thoughts About The Entire Freelancing Thing.

Hear What Our Students Say


Really great for learning basics to expert level advertising. I have learned a lot from it. The content is to the point, filled with practical examples and techniques.


I was confused about where to start but after talking to Mintu, I got great clarity. You can’t even get this type of value in a Rs. 25k course.


If you want to be a digital marketing freelancer and confused where to start from, just take up the course follow each and everything that is taught in the course and implement it daily, you will surely get results.


The course gives you a detailed overview of the industry and makes you aware of the points which are blindsided even after working for years in this industry. This is a no-brainer investment.


His extraordinary vision and preciousness are the key factors that make you learn from him. I am fortunate to have learnt from him. 


I think who is searching for digital marketing course on different types of sources like YouTube and watching many videos but can't find the best way to learn and apply the learning. Take advantage of the course and learn the skills. 

How Does It Work?


Niche Clarity + How to Find Your Dream Client

On day 1, we will talk about what freelancing niche you should pick and why. Obviously some niches are much more well paid than others. We will talk about how you should pick a niche that’s highly profitable.
Once you have picked a niche, we will talk about how to find your dream client who pays you your worth.

How to Package Your Services and Craft Your Irresistible Offer?
One of the secrets to charging a premium price is to have high ticket offers. On day 2, we will talk about the components of an irresistible offer and how you can craft your high ticket irresistible offer that people say “Heck Yes” to.
Turning Objections Into Sales

On day 3, we will talk about how you can effortlessly handle objections during the sales call. “I’ll get back to you later”, “You’re too expensive”, “I need to ask my spouse or business partner” will know how to handle all of these

Get All These Exclusive Bonuses Worth Rs. 31000 When You Sign Up

₹ 6,999 Value

Cold Email Script That We Use In Our Agency

Step by step, complete, and the only resource that you will need when you reach out to your prospective clients across the globe.

₹ 9,999 Value

LinkedIn Messaging Sequence That Has Generated Over $100k In Sales For Us

Follow this sequence to automate your follow-ups with your contacts and prospects without pestering them.

₹ 3,999 Value

Real Proposal Ranging From $400 To $3500

Ready to use scripts for prospects so that you don’t stress over sending a proposal every single time.

₹ 1,999 Value

Lifetime Access To Community

Connect with like-minded people and enjoy endless possibilities when it comes to learning and collaborating in a safe and helpful community.

₹ 4,999 Value

List Of 25 Niches Where’s It’s Easy To Get Clients

Just starting out or still exploring your niche? This list will come in handy!

₹ 2,999 Value

Replay Of 1 Real Sales Call

Watch and learn the nitty-gritty of connecting with prospects, building a buying atmosphere, and selling without being pushy.

Rediscover Your Freelancing Journey And Claim Bonuses Worth Rs. 31,000

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About Your Instructor,

Mintu Jha

I started my Digital Marketing journey almost a decade back. From a part timer to an agency owner, I have worked with over 250 brands across different sectors and geographies and spent millions of dollars on their behalf.

From working in a BPO to being a Project Manager in a e-commerce company, from being a part time marketer to an agency owner. I owe it all to “Digital Marketing” with literally every business going online, I believe the best time for Marketers is yet to come. Nothing gives me more joy than being of service to aspiring marketers, not a “guru” nor a “thought leader”.

I am here just to share with everyone, everything that has worked and not worked for me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is strictly for people who are freelancers or  looking at a freelancing career in Digital marketing.

Is It Live Or Pre-Recorded?

This is a live workshop so you will get best value by joining us live. However, we will also share the recording, just in case if you would like to reference to it post the workshop.

Is This For Beginners, Intermediate Or Experts?

The workshop is designed in a way to help everyone.

Is There Any Support Post The Workshop?

Yes, the participants shall be given lifetime access to the group where Mintu Jha conducts regular Q & A sessions, participants are also encouraged to ask doubts in the fb group and over emails.

Can someone who is not yet a freelancer also join the workshop?

Sure, yes. It will help them take informed decisions and avoid freelancing mistakes.

What if someone misses the workshop due to unavoidable circumstances?

If informed well in time, they will be allowed to attend the next workshop.

Secure Your Spot Now and Get Bonuses Worth Rs. 31,000



The bonuses

  • Cold Email Script That We Use In Our Agency
  • Real Proposal Ranging From $400 To $3500
  • List Of 25 Niches Where’s It’s Easy To Get Clients
  • Replay Of 1 Real Sales Call
  • LinkedIn Messaging Sequence
  • Lifetime Access To Community

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Re-Strategize your freelancing career
  • Build Your Online Presence The Right Way
  • Create a sustainable system to prospect, generate leads, package and price your services and learn to stick to the system.
  • Sell your services like a rockstar.

What You'll Learn..

  • Niche Clarity + How to Find Your Dream Client
  • How to Package Your Services and Craft Your Irresistible Offer?
  • Turning Objections Into Sales

If, for any reason you have gone through the 1st day of the workshop, you don't like this it and didn't find value from it, you can get a full refund before Day 1 IST. If you have any issues, just get in touch with us at and we'll initiate a swift refund. If you don't attend, refund is not applicable.

Do You Think Your Freelancing Career Deserves A Second Chance?